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About us

Stredisko volneho casu Ivancice is a centre of leisure time activities. It provides a special – interest education and services in the area of upbringing, education and edification for the general public. It works with children, youth, adults and seniors. It prepares for them hobby groups, occasional and open events, holiday and spontaneous activities. It establishes Youth Clubs and Information Youth Centre. It cooperates with schools, media and other organizations and subjects in town Ivancice and in the region. It is a guarantee of competitions, a regional coordinator of education and actions. It participates in national and international projects. It has a long-standing tradition, it was established in 1984.


IVANCICE is a south-moravian small town in the Czech Republic with about 10 thousand inhabitants. It is located about 30 km far away from the moravian capital; Brno in south-west direction. In Ivančice you can choose from various activities. There is a sports hall, a sports stadium, a skatepark, a football field, tennis courts. You can visit a cinema, various exhibitions and a museum. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, discotheques in our town. In the surroundings there is a swimming pool, cycle ways, theatres, castles and churches and other cultural and historical interests. Transport connections to the surroundings are at the very good level. Here are located two high schools and no specific minority lives here. Ivancice is a small town, but don’t worry about language. You always can find someone who speaks English, Russian, German and some other languages.


The building of SVC Ivancice is situated in a grown garden on the outskirts of Ivancice. SVC Ivancice (previously hall of residence) includes: offices for workers, clubrooms for activities of SVC Ivancice, Information youth centre and FreeZ club, Maternity and Family Centre, Children’s centre, accomodation for EVS volunteers, accomodation for public, dining room and kitchen for events, parties, banquets, weddings … Outside of the building you can find grass, football and multipurpose fields, fireplace and parking. The centre of Ivancice, bus and train stations are far 10-20 minutes by walk.


BRNO is the second biggest city in Czech Republic. There you can find much more opportunities for young people. There are a lot of students clubs, pubs, EVS volunteers , weekly meetings for foreigners and lot of other places to have a fun and learn new things. Czech youth mostly located in Brno because most of univesities are here. In Brno you can find your own cozy place where you can go even alone and have a good time with new people.
If you are new in Czech Republic this website can be usefull for you, here you can read everything what you need berfore moving to Czech Republic and after that also. Every month in big cities they organize meetings for foreigners and locals, so you can go meet new people and have a interesting time.
From Ivancice to Brno nearly  1  hour by train or bus, but as a volunteer i prefer to go only by train because they are more comfortable. There are trains from Ivancice to Brno every hour and the same for wayback.


Volunteers are staying in the same building of our organization. 

The address is Zemědělská 619/2, Ivancice, 66491, the Czech Republic

In one corridor there are 6 rooms for each of them, one common kitchen, one bathroom and laundry room. Also we have 3 bicycles for volunteers.

You will live together with other 5 volunteers. You will live in the building of your organization in one corridor – 6 rooms, 1 kitchen, showers and toilets are common. It means that you have to share responsibilities for cleaning and other things. You also can agree on some rules of your common living. Every volunteer will get the document of Accomodation rules. It is very important to be quite after 22:00 (10 p.m.) and before 8:00 (8 a.m). The rules of cleaning, rules in the kitchen and others must be respected by all of volunteers.


You will do activities and tasks according to the Volunteering Agreement. There are a lot of different activities, especially in Spring and Autumn and other months are not so full. During months with fewer activities, when the work is flexible and irregular, your own ideas, actions and activities are welcomed. Every month you will get your own workplan for other month. Some activities must be changed according to actual situation and the activities can be planned from one day to another too. So you must be flexible and a timekeeper.

1/ The volunteer will perform an activity that includes pedagogical activities in the following areas of interest: 

  • regular interest groups (sport, creative, dance, media, ...)
  • occasional events for the public
  • camps and stays
  • educational and adaptation programs for schools
  • spontaneous and preventive activities in youth clubs
  • activities of youth information center and media studio
  • activities of children centre

A volunteer can combine activities according to his or her own interests - media, sport, creation, dance, project activity, work with small children, work in youth clubs, etc.

2/ The volunteer within the strategic EVS will be integrated into activities in cooperation with associated organizations in the microregion Ivančicko, Krumlovsko and Kahan. The volunteer will participate in annual events such as the Microregion Festival (Municipalities), the Restaurant Day (associations) and the European Day of Languages ​​(Schools). These actions are intended as complementary activities to enhance the systemic impact. These actions reach a large number of people and are therefore suitable for promoting volunteering, EVS and Erasmus+.

3/ Other activities that the volunteer will do are: Czech language teaching, creation of own projects/ miniprojects/events/programs, promotion of EVS and Erasmus+ program, participation in educational seminars, creation of media spots, promotion and decoration of the building.

How to apply



Mgr. Markéta Chmelíčková

EVS and project coordinator

+420 607 933 695,



Practical matters


  • your own laptop (some tasks you’ll complete in your room, like articles and other activities and just for your own comfort and free time)
  • clothes for different weather
  • all documents you need
  • medicaments (if you need some special)
  • adaptor for socket – check if you need one (there are different types of sockets)
  • positive mood :)



Before coming to Ivancice you ought to get an insurance card. It will be from Cigna Company. Your sending organization will help you to apply for it; just don’t forget to ask them about all details. After, you will get a letter by post. There will be a login and password. On the web-site you will login to your account and print a PDF version of your card. Print it and always take it with you. 



As usual you should work 30 hours a week but schedule could be corrected by the organization and activities. It could be possible to work some more hours during one day and take a rest during other day. You have 2 days per one month as a holiday. For example if your project is 5 months - you have 10 days of holidays. It is possible that one month you will have less hours and other month you will have more hours. It depends on the activities in the month. During Autumn and Spring are a lot of activities then in Winter.



You will share a plan of your tasks in Google. You and workers together will create your plan of tasks and activities.



During your first weeks in EVS you should attend an on-arrival training session where you will meet other EVS volunteers from all over Europe. The National Agency will send an invitation to you and your project coordinator.

After some months, approximately when half the project time is up, you will attend a mid-term meeting.



You will attend a language course. From the beginning of EVS you will learn with the professional. It is planned 120 min/per week.



You will have an Internet connection at your place (Wi-Fi router).



Akce, tábory, soutěže, turnaje a další



Akce, tábory, soutěže, turnaje a další