We are one: Harmony in diversity

Typ aktivity:   mobilita pracovníků s mládeží

Příjemce:   SVČ Ivančice

Registrační číslo:   2022-1-CZ01-KA153-YOU-000070232

Datum zahájení:   01.09.2022

Datum ukončení:   31.08.2023

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Partneři projektu/ Partner countries: CERD - Slovensko/Slovakia, Andreas Papathomas Limited - Kypr/Cyprus, AGIFODENT - Španělsko/Spain, Youth Bridges - Německo/Germany, Šiauliu Didždvario gimnazija - Litva/Lithuania, Tudatos Tervezésért Eggyesulet - Maďarsko/Hungary, Zespol Szkol Agroprzedsiebiorczosci - Polsko/Poland, Fondation Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light - Francie/France


První část mezinárodního školícího kurzu We are one: Harmony in diversity se konala na začátku prosince 2022 v Ivančicích. Pracovníci s mládeží, učitelé i studenti vysláni zahraničními partnerskými organizacemi se na Horizontu věnovali mírovému vzdělávání a pochopení rozmanitosti mezi lidmi a její význam pro udržení harmonie a bezpečí ve společnosti a na celém světě.

Účastníci se během 7 dnů naučili, jak vytvořit příběh a jak tento příběh namalovat ve formě komiksu. Každý z přítomných si zkoušel vytvořit návrh vlastního komiksu na společenské nebo i vzdělávací téma. 

Ve volném čase pak účastníci navštívili i město Brno a jeho památky. Nechyběl ani interkulturní večer, kde si účastníci pochutnali na dobrotách z dané země a poznali navzájem svoji kulturu a její odlišnosti.

Účastníci byli hostováni Střediskem volného času Ivančice. Školící kurz byl podpořen a spolufinancován evropským programem Erasmus+.

Markéta Chmelíčková, projektový koordinátor


A Beautiful Garden

“Unity In Diversity” is the common sentence spoken and applied in the Nepalese society as we are a mixture of 125 ethnicities and 123 languages, living together in harmony with each other. This upbringing from childhood actually made it much easier to blend in the society in Europe as an international student.

I attended the Erasmus+ training course on ‘We are One: Harmony in Diversity’ in the Horizont Leisure Center of Ivancice, Czech Republic from 1- 9 December, 2022. It was a project where the young people from 15 nationalities hailed from across the world joined from different European countries to learn the harmony in diversity. Peace education was the essence of the project where we not only learned the different aspects of peace but also created our own projects that we will be implementing in our home-locations.

The project had another vital aspect towards it, i.e. youth networking. We were learning  together in the same informal classrooms like the seminar room where we came together to learn theoretical bases; the kitchen where we had our breakfast, lunches and dinners; the coffee room where we discussed about several global issues; the common area with pool table where we talked, sang and danced; the leisure center garden where we played the games with the subtle themes to co-operate as a team; the art room where we learnt to express ourselves and value our emotions; and last but not the least, the recording room where we recorded our harmony song in different languages.

The project gifted me with a lot of learning and also created another added impact, i.e. a thought of creation of such spaces in my home country. I come from Nepal and we rarely have such programs or youth spaces where we can bring the youth together and make them have conversations about the issues that they care about. We lack such safe spaces where youth can actually communicate, be free, and still learn some basic but very vital necessity of our generation, i.e. to value ourselves and our emotions. Youth are so lost in school, career and jobs that we lose the time to feel for ourselves and to take care of ourselves.

I was also fascinated by the Leisure centre where the project was held and its overall setting. It had everything that any human being needed to feel like a child and return to that pure innocence in our thoughts and actions, ranging from an art room to a recording room. There can’t be another perfect space to learn about peace and diversity. If I could create such safe spaces in my home country, for youth to come and communicate while learning, it would be somehow similar to the Leisure Center in Ivancice.

While learning the informal education, we did not realize when the week ended and our friends who we met just a week ago had already been best friends. The last day was not an easy one. Laughters, tears, hugs, and letters, everybody became so emotional but the usual day-to-day lives had to go on and everybody had to either return to their studies or work. With heavy hearts everybody parted the ways with a promise to see each other during another part of the project in April.

I am really glad to be a part of such a nice project, to be learning with the kind, intelligent and thoughtful facilitators; to meet our sweet group of youth with several talents of art; and to be in Ivancice where I would have probably not even known, if the project did not occur here. I would like to thank Horizont to let me be a part of this opportunity, my facilitators for guiding me, my colleagues to be so kind to me, the cook and the kitchen staffs for your kind hospitality, the people of Ivancice and Czechia for hosting me, and the EU for funding the project. The project will have a long lasting impact in our lives and our generation will create that sustainable and peaceful world that we all are longing towards. Děkuji !! 

Poonam Ghimire, German participant


What is peace? What is tolerance?

In the beginning of December 2022, the first part of the long-term project We are One: Harmony in Diversity took place in Ivancice, Czech Republic. Writing this review article a week later, I still fondly remember our actions, conversations, discussions. People of 15 different nationalities from all over the world came from such countries as Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia.

We came to talk about very simple, at first glance, topics. However, as it turns out, the simplest topics are the most difficult to understand and deliver the message. Because what is common and desired by everyone has many steps to the goal, but only one path.

Every day we started with a seminar where we studied general concepts such as: "What is peace?", "What is tolerance?" and "How to achieve harmony when everything is so diverse?". My personal answer to the last question is as follows: Harmony is impossible without diversity, it is through our differences that we are able to recreate the best of all possible worlds, and only by working together to achieve peace can we reach the main goal.

Having received theoretical knowledge in the morning, we moved on to practice. By deeds we proved the importance of harmony, peace, understanding and respect for each other. 

We showed our personality, our uniqueness through drawings, presentations, plasticine modeling, dances, songs, music. Each of us contributed our comments and suggestions, and it was through each of us that we managed to create a harmonious atmosphere where everyone found for themselves what they needed at that moment. For example, through dancing we learned how to love ourselves, how to understand that we control not only our bodies, our thoughts, but also our lives. That only we can decide what the next step should be, not the society that condemns and negatively criticizes our actions.

I have found trust in others. The exercise of trust, when a person has to close his eyes and fall, believing that he will be caught, is very difficult in my opinion. Being used to doing everything on my own, it is difficult for me to trust and rely on others. However, during the project, the organizers managed to develop an environment of trust, acceptance and love.

Due to the fact that so many nationalities gathered in one place we got a very diverse, fun, bright and unforgettable intercultural evening. Dances, songs, music, food, stories, videos and presentations - everyone had the opportunity to present what they love about their country.

Our trip to Brno showed us the Czech Republic of this region. We saw the historic downtown, visited the cathedral and the castle, and ate traditional Czech food at the Christmas market. We were even invited to a local jazz concert by a student band, which was a great end to a wonderful frosty day.

In general, I can say with confidence - this course was very useful for the participants. Now our task is to reproduce the knowledge gained in our society, to show our relatives, friends, acquaintances, people from our community what we were helped to see during the project, to show them how to appreciate their differences and uniqueness, and how to find themselves in the environment. And, of course, we are looking forward to the second part of the course to share our successes and experiences after our lessons.

Mariia Bondarenko, German participant




... the program was full, there were videos, activities, music adn each part of it had a clear purpose ...

... it was great, thank you for your patience and for hosting such a programme ...

... I was glad that I could see so many different people and cultures ...

... I feel here like at home ...

... diversity is important not only to survive but live in peace ...

... it was truly beautiful experience, touching souls of different people ...

... it made me believe in myself ...

... cool people, delicious food, comfortable accomodation, useful info, fun, ...

... I have learned many new things about peace education ...

... harmony is possible only with peace inside ...






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